No More Updates

With apologies, I don’t think I’ll be pushing any new updates of this theme to the garden. I have been working on other themes and projects that, in my opinion, have a lot more to offer than this one does.

Other News was the first theme I submitted to the Theme Garden and is irreplaceable to me as a stepping stone towards learning about web design. Thanks in large part to Tumblr’s simple template engine, this theme jump started web design and development as a hugely enjoyable hobby of mine, and I will forever be grateful for that.

All that being said… this theme stinks and I don’t want to mess with it anymore.

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Introducing: Photosets

If a picture is worth a thousand words, photosets are the future of books.  Enjoy!

New theme tags are available in the Theme Docs for customization.

See previous.

Theme Update and Photosets

I noticed that the theme file in the Theme Garden didn’t reflect the lattest updates to the theme. I fixed that.

Also, I just updated the theme with the new Photoset post types. The Theme Garden file should reflect it in a few days, but until then, if you can’t wait, add this code between your{block:Posts}{/block:Posts} tags:

	<div class="photo"><p>{Photoset-500}</p></div> 
	{block:Caption}<div class="caption">{Caption}</div>{/block:Caption} 

This is the exact code I just added to the theme.

Update soon, I promise.

I didn’t even know this theme was listed in the Theme Garden. I’ll fix some of the things that bug me about it and get an updated theme file to the Garden soon.

Feature Update #1

  • Added click-through links to Photo Posts.

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